About Us

Nothing creates a desire for competence, success or achievement than sweating it out on the field; the pure exhilaration of victory, the joy of celebration! The social stigma attached to girls playing the game, the discrimination, the derision, was removed years ago. But the fight is not over and with KiCK, we aim to get Women’s Football in Kochi back on its feet.

In an era where female footballers have challenged the persisting gender norms and roles within society, Football provides a space in which women can renegotiate notions of femininity and masculinity.

KiCK brings forth a new horizon for women to confront stereotypes; by encouraging themselves, they too can demonstrate what they are capable of achieving. It serves as a formula for the conveyance of emotions otherwise too subtle for words, as well as to enhance the clouded misconception of modern society which still hasn’t entirely faded.

With KiCK, we hope we can encourage more women to play the game, to catch the contagion of this zealous sport amidst every subjugation.


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